30 Day Weight Loss with Lucent Perfection: Avoid negative motivation at the beginning

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Today is the first day of your journey to a slender and healthier body. That’s why we’ve decided to start the 30-day series of weight loss with LucentPerfection.com motivation, which is one of the most important things to lose weight forever. You can also help with your diet with the diet menu and recommended exercise.

You can have free time, fit around the corner, sportswear, knowledge of ideal movement and eating, but if you lack the right motivation, nothing will happen. And in the case of improperly set motivation, you cannot resist lifestyle changes for a long time.

The most common motivation for weight loss is self-pity that it is no longer possible for me to look. Another extra pound, breathing at the slightest activities, a throttling bra, or a nasty bite on his stomach. These are things that can reliably kick us up to the initial efforts to lose weight. We often go to sports and diet with unprecedented intensity and excitement.

At first glance, it looks good, but unfortunately, it is a so-called negative motivation, based on the fact that we do not like something.

In women, we encounter her more often than men. The bad side of this stimulus is that it is very short-lived. Usually, after three weeks or two months, everything returns to the old tracks and any effort ends. And, if any, they drop back.

If you really want to do something about yourself, change your lifestyle once and for all, you need to think more deeply and turn your motivation into the positive one. It’s your job for the next month. To continue the changes after the end of our series.

And how does such a positive motivation actually look like? Very important is the constantly repeated self-love. Everyday movement and healthy diet is not a bad thing to remove the fatty kilos of fat. It’s exactly the opposite. Your body and health are just you and you should want the best, not hurt yourself.

Which means to regularly move, eat healthy foods, have the right drinking regime, enough sleep, but also avoid negative people, situations, and stress. And if you lose weight and feel fit and full of energy, it is just a logical bonus to overall health.

Think about what leads you to hurt food and lack of movement, and why you are not happy enough to change it.

Whether you start weight-reduction or you’re experienced “diet”, remember that it’s never too late to start, though the first step is the hardest. It’s a performance from a comfort zone, a change of something we’re used to for a lifetime. Believe me, believe in yourself and ignore notes in your neighborhood like, “Are you eating again?” Or “Again your diets.” If you can say “I can do it” and if you take the first step – the performance from comfort – you can do it.

Let us go with us, keep your thumbs!

Dining menu on day 1


Dining menu on day 1

The sample menu that we bring you every day is only indicative. Everyone has different needs and therefore can not satisfy everyone, but he can help you.

This is designed for a 70-pound woman who has a sedentary job and will eat a meal of 5 meals a day. Men should be about a third more in all portions. How often we eat is also very individual. If you are not hungry for the main meals, you can eat three to four times a day. Remember that the delay between meals should not be longer than 5 hours. If you skip a portion of your daily portion, then you can increase the portion.

In the recommended meal menu, you will find 5 different meals each day to combine your taste, but also your options and time. If you do not mind eating the same food several times in a row, you can customize the menu.

The energy value will always be around 6000 kJ (do not forget that, for example, oil in the pan is also calculated for the energy value). The nutritional composition is rich in fats (40-50 g / day) and protein (90-105 g / day). Dining menu has a reduced carbohydrate content (100-130 g / day).

Download the shopping list for this week

Keep in mind that a successful drinking regimen is also required for successful weight reduction. This should consist primarily of pure, non-flammable water. The amount depends on your body weight. For every 10 pounds of weight, you should drink 0.3 to 0.4 l of water.Remember that the last meal should be 2.5 to 3 hours before bedtime. If you do not sleep until later, do not be afraid to eat in the evening. This last meal should be made up of vegetables and less protein – such as a vegetable salad with a piece of cheese. Fruit and vegetables can be varied in the menu according to the seasonal menu.

To date, Nutrition Specialist World Health Monika Bartolomayova has been included in the diet. You can use them as a variation of classic potatoes. Their preparation is similar and the advantage is up to eight times the content of calcium, a good source of beta-carotene, potassium, and iron.

Recommended meal for today

Breakfast – Rye bread with ham

turn the rye bread (1 slice) with a hazelnut of butter, treasure with ham (2 slices) and cheese to 30% (2 slices), according to taste, pepper

Snack – Apple Puree 

(1 apple) – clean, cut and sliced, served with half-fat cottage cheese (50 g)

Lunch – Batter with chicken sticks

200 g of peppers are peeled, cut into smaller wheels and placed on a baking sheet. Add chicken sticks without skin (150 g), diced on carrots (100 g) and bake together for about 30 minutes. After baking, add fresh tomatoes (2 pieces)

Snack – Chia cottage

Cottage cheese (150 g) with a spoon of chia seeds

Dinner – Salmon with bean pods

1 salmon fillet can be fried in butter or bake in a saucepan, sprinkle with lemon and serve with bean pods (150 g) boiled in water


Exercise on Day 1

30DaysLoseWeight marathon

We are only on the first day, and so we start slowly. If you run out of it right away, it can discourage you.

So we recommend warming up for at least an hour walk with your family, with your dog or yourself. The ideal thing is to go somewhere in the wild, to draw energy. Then set up exercises that are focused on strengthening the muscles of the deep stabilization system and thighs.

1. Exercise – Balance and Deep Stabilization System

We are in a position on four, shoulders pushing from the ears, palms under the shoulders, knees under the hips. Under the right knee, we place the slightly overblown overball, raise the left leg and propel, and raise our right hand and propel. We pull our arms and hands behind our legs, always breathing. We hold the stomach stiff. In this position, we will stand for a while and then we will replace the parties.

The recommended number of repetitions is 10 for each side and series 2 to 4, depending on whether you have ever sported or are a complete beginner.

30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Exercises






Balance and deep stabilization system – take the position on the four, under the right knee we overball and slowly lift the left leg and right hand. Pull out. You have a stiff belly. Hold for a few seconds and then release. Do the same thing on the other hand.

2. Exercise – Reinforcing the Thighs

We sit down, we fold our hands back, we bend the legs, put the ball between our knees and with the exhale pressure we push all the knees together. Let us relax again.

30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Exercises 30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Exercises






The recommended number of repetitions is 10 to 20 and series 2 to 4, depending on whether you have ever sported or are a complete beginner.