30 Day Weight Loss with Lucent Perfection: how to get rid of love to sweets

30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 12

The twelfth day of your effort for a better self will focus on the weakness of most women who are sweets. How to get rid of this nausea and what to do about it, you will learn in the next part of our series 30 days of weight loss with LucentPerfection.com.

Sweet taste we usually get in our childhood. And just like alcohol, we become addicted to sweet tastes. That’s why you can feel in the first few weeks that sweets are missing and can not stand without them.

How do we get rid of the addiction? In the beginning, you should think about why you eat sweet. Often it’s just boredom or stress. But it can also be a bad song.

Try to eat regularly and choose foods with a low glycemic index to maintain a stable blood sugar level and keep you dull. Think of enough protein (yoghurt, curd, or sour products), and they will help you with an uncontrollable taste for sweet dampness.

Another benefit is the increased intake of beneficial fats, for example in the form of nuts.

Even if your taste is unsurpassed, experts recommend a square of fine bitter chocolate containing more than 70% cocoa.

The ideal case, however, is when you resist the temptation and can withstand the sweets for at least seven days, you will see that you will not need to fade over time.

Dining menu on the 12th day

The sample menu that we bring you daily is only indicative. Everyone has different needs and therefore can not satisfy everyone, but he can help you.

This is designed for a 70-kilogram woman who has a sedentary job and a five-meal diet a day. Men should be about a third more in all portions.

In the recommended meal menu, you will find five different meals each day so you can combine them according to your taste, but also your possibilities and time. If you do not mind eating the same food several times in a row, you can customize the menu.

The energy value will always be around 6,000 kJ (remember that the oil value is also calculated in the pellet). The nutritional composition is rich in fats (40-50 g/day) and protein (90-105 g/day). Dining menu has a reduced carbohydrate content (100-130 g/day).

Download the shopping list for this week Remember that the last meal should be 2.5 to 3 hours before bedtime. If you do not sleep until later, do not be afraid to eat in the evening. This last meal should be made up of vegetables and less protein – such as a vegetable salad with a piece of cheese. Fruit and vegetables can be varied in the menu according to the seasonal menu.

To this day, nutrition specialist has included a broth. If we prepare a good bone bounty at home, we also get a lot of other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The quality broth is a source of collagen, amino acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin. All of these substances contribute to the protection of the musculoskeletal system.

Recommended meal for today

Breakfast – pear mash

Fill 40 g oatmeal with water and let it dry for a while. Put in a saucepan and pour some milk (water), add half of the pears, almonds (1 teaspoon), coconut (1 teaspoon) and cinnamon. Together we serve and serve.

Snack – nuts with fruit

Cut seasonal fruit (150 g) into a bowl and mix with nuts (15 g).

Lunch – Chicken thigh with carrot fries

Greater chicken thigh (150 g) is baked in the oven along with carrot fries (150 g). Serve with cabbage salad (smaller bowl).

Snack – Seed Cheese

Cheeze (150 g) mix with sunflower and chia seeds (1 teaspoonful).

Dinner – strong beef broth with pieces of meat (1 plate)

Add root vegetables (carrot, celery, and parsley – to taste) and pieces of beef.

Exercises on Day 12

Take advantage of the winter season, take your skates and head out. If there is no frozen pond, you will find a public rink. Many of us have been skating for the last time as children and it can be very enjoyable to refresh it.

At home, do not forget to do the recommended exercises, which are mainly focused on strengthening the center of the body.

1st exercise – strengthening the CORE (center of the body)

Stand in a position on the four, push the shoulders from the ears, the palms are under the shoulders, the knees under the hips. Under the right knee place the slightly overblown overball, raise the left leg and propel, and raise your right hand and propel. Pull arms and hands behind your legs, keep breathing. Hold the stomach stiff. In this position, you will stand for a while and then replace the parties.

30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 12 - Exercises 30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 12






The recommended number of repetitions is 10 to 20, two to four series, but of course, it depends on whether you start with the exercise or you are strengthening for a long time.

2nd exercise – strengthening of breast muscles, a center of body and arms

Go to the ladies’ hand (on the knees) and overball your right hand. Hold the body firm. When moving downwards, breathe in and exhale when moving upwards. Change hands.

30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 12 - Exercises 30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 12 - Exercises






The recommended number of reps is 10 to 20, two to four series, but of course, it depends on how proficient you are, as in the first practice.