30 Day Weight Loss with Lucent Perfection: Meat saturate well, but be careful

30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 14

Here is the fourteenth day of your transformation that falls on Sunday. Before that, it was a festive day, when most of you ate meat. And just for his representation in a healthy diet, we will look in another part of our series 30 days of weight loss with LucentPerfection.com.

Meat belongs to the category of animal proteins. Their adequate amount is needed for the growth and regeneration of the skin, hair, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. They are also essential for faster recovery after physical activity, hormone production, enzymes, and antibodies.

The great advantage of protein is also that it saves you well, avoiding overeating, hunger and weight gain.

In the diet, meat is a source of vitamins, especially B12 and D. It is also a source of minerals, mainly iron. This is extra meat for the organism much more usable (10-25%) than iron from plant sources (1-5%).

When choosing meat, choose mainly quality and prefer lighter, less fatty species. Rabbit, beef, turkey, and chicken are most suitable.

Add fish to the menu but only occasionally because of the high heavy metal content. Choose wild freshwater species instead.

In addition to the type of meat, it is also important to adapt it appropriately. Forget about frying and prefer to bake, cook or grill meat.

Dining menu on the 14th day

The sample menu that we bring you daily is only indicative. Everyone has different needs and therefore can not satisfy everyone, but he can help you.

This is designed for a 70-kilogram woman who has a sedentary job and a five-meal diet a day. Men should be about a third more in all portions.

In the recommended meal menu, you will find five different meals each day so you can combine them according to your taste, but also your possibilities and time. If you do not mind eating the same food several times in a row, you can customize the menu.

The energy value will always be around 6,000 kJ (remember that the oil value is also calculated in the pellet). The nutritional composition is rich in fats (40-50 g/day) and protein (90-105 g / day). Dining menu has a reduced carbohydrate content (100-130 g/day).

Download the shopping list for this week Remember that the last meal should be 2.5 to 3 hours before bedtime. If you do not sleep until later, do not be afraid to eat in the evening. This last meal should be made up of vegetables and less protein – such as a vegetable salad with a piece of cheese. Fruit and vegetables can be varied in the menu according to the seasonal menu.

Today our the nutritional specialist included walnuts that are a major source of omega-3 fatty acids. They are also rich in fiber and antioxidants. They are among the most important foods that contribute to the prevention of various diseases, such as inflammation.

Recommended meal for today

Breakfast – pancakes from spelled flour (2 pcs)
We prepare the pancake as we are used to. We only use spelled instead of common flour. Serve with seasonal fruit (100 g) and cottage cheese (50 g).Snack – cheese with nuts
4 slices of Eidam (30% fat content) cut into squares, add chopped walnuts (3 tablespoons) and almonds (1 tablespoon). Mix everything together and serve.Lunch – chicken broth with meat
Add root vegetables and rice noodles to the broth (1 large plate). We all warm up and serve together.Snack – Balkan cheese with cucumber and tomatoes
Put a slice of Balkan cheese (70 g) into the dish, add chopped cucumber (1 pc) and tomatoes (2 pcs).

Dinner – scrambled eggs
Mix egg (2 pcs) and add chicken ham (2 slices). Served with lettuce (unlimited quantity).

Exercises on Day 14

Go to the park or some other place where you will get the pleasant feelings of nature. A brisk walk through the hilly terrain will improve your fitness and positively tune into the next week.

At home, then try two arm exercises.

1st exercise – strengthening of triceps

Stand straight, feet wide in the pan, knees slightly bent, carry a dumbbell or a PET bottle into your hands. Put the shrunken hands behind your head, the elbows are at the ear level as close as possible to the head, you can touch the blades between them. With the exhale, lift your hands upward and pull back with a touch. Elbows move forward, not sideways.

30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 14 30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 14






The recommended number of repetitions is 10 to 20, two to four, but of course, it depends on whether you start or exercise for a longer time.

2nd exercise – strengthening the biceps and shoulders

Stand straight, your feet in the width of the pelvis, knees slightly, weigh the dumbbells, and we climb, the palms of the toes pointing upwards. With the exhalation of hand, bark at the elbow (the dumbbells draw against the shoulder) and return with a touch.

30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 14 30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 14






The recommended number of repetitions is 10 to 20, two to four, but the same is true of the first practice. Select the number according to your skill.