30 Day Weight Loss with Lucent Perfection: Whoever does not drink will not succumb

30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 11

There is the eleventh day of your journey to a healthy lifestyle that, in addition to changing the diet and movement, does not come out without the right drinking regime. How much to drink and what drinks to choose from, we will advise you in another part of the series, 30 days of weight loss with LucentPerfection.com.

As experts say: Who does not drink, does not succumb. And not only that. The human organism is very sensitive to water loss. It reduces total body performance and even mental functions in adults and children.

Insufficient drinking regimen causes increased fatigue, headaches, joints, kidney problems and may occur until the blood circulation collapses. There are also connections with the emergence of a number of common and more serious diseases, such as circulatory, gastric or intestinal. They may be the first warning or appear as a result of a prolonged inadequate drinking regime.

The amount of fluids consumed depends on your body weight. For every 10 pounds of weight, you should drink 0.3 to 0.4 l of water.

Avoid whispering beverages, as well as saturated water. In lemonades, fruit juices, and other strongly sweetened beverages, you receive large amounts of sugars in the form of so-called empty energy.

While carbon dioxide saturation improves the taste of water or drink, it can disrupt your digestive process and cause subjective pressure problems.

If you drink fresh fruit or vegetable juices, always dilute with at least the same amount of water. The best possible drink is, of course, pure spring water, but it is also suitable for water flavored with lemon, mint or ginger. Drinking can be supplemented with herbal tea or mineral water, especially after sports.

Dining menu on the 11th day

The sample menu that we bring you daily is only indicative. Everyone has different needs and therefore can not satisfy everyone, but he can help you.

This is designed for a 70-kilogram woman who has a sedentary job and a five-meal diet a day. Men should be about a third more in all portions.

In the recommended meal menu, you will find five different meals each day so you can combine them according to your taste, but also your possibilities and time. If you do not mind eating the same food several times in a row, you can customize the menu.

The energy value will always be around 6,000 kJ (remember that the oil value is also calculated in the pellet). The nutritional composition is rich in fats (40-50 g/day) and protein (90-105 g/day). Dining menu has a reduced carbohydrate content (100-130 g/day).

Download the shopping list for this week Remember that the last meal should be 2.5 to 3 hours before bedtime. If you do not sleep until later, do not be afraid to eat in the evening. This last meal should be made up of vegetables and less protein – such as a vegetable salad with a piece of cheese. Fruit and vegetables can be varied in the menu according to the seasonal menu.

Today we added salmon, one of the most popular fish, has included nutrition. It has an important effect on health, especially on bone development, thanks to three essential components, namely proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Important is also a source of B vitamins and minerals such as selenium (protection against free radicals) and iodine correct thyroid function).

Recommended meal for today

Breakfast – an egg with avocado

Cook 2 eggs softly. Drop 1 soaked avocado, which is mixed with lemon juice and a spoon of mustard. Serve with strips of red pepper (1 pc).

Snack – banana smoothie

Pour milk into the blender (250 ml), add banana (1 pc) and walnuts (15 g).

Lunch – bean salad

Bean (150 g, eg adzuki) soak the day in advance and prepare according to the instructions. Put the onion in the kettle and add the beef cubes (150 g). Divide with water and let it cool for a while. The last few minutes before the end of stewing add broccoli (50 g). Mix the meat with the broccoli.

Snack – cucumber salad with dill

Garnish the cucumber (1 smaller bowl), dip a little vinegar and add the chopped dill.

Dinner – salmon on butter

Salmon (1 filet) bake on the recipe (ghee) in the oven along with a chopped aubergine (50 g) and zucchini (100 g).

Exercises on Day 11

Start today in the morning differently. Stretch your entire body with the yoga set “Greetings to the Sun” or exercise yourself. Continue to stretch your entire body.

Then do the recommended exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

1st exercise – strengthening the abdominal muscles + the entire body

Lay on your back, stretch your hands behind head, cross the legs, and with the thaw, slowly lift yourself up into sitting, standing and then slowly coming back with a touch. Avoid jerky movements.

The recommended number of repetitions is 10 to 20, two to four series, but of course, it depends on whether you start with the exercise or you are strengthening for a long time.

2nd exercise – strengthening the abdominal muscles

Lay on your back, leaning on elbows, lifting the raised legs at an angle of about 45 ° above the ground, and describing any letters. Maybe “fitness is fine”, or date of birth etc…Be careful and do not lose loin from the ground.

30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 11

The recommended number of repetitions is at least 2 times the inscription or the entire date of birth.