30 Day Weight Loss with Lucent Perfection: You do not need artificial sweeteners in your diet


We have the 17th day of your effort to remove excess kilos and this time we will focus on artificial sugar substitutes. Whether it is advisable to use sweeteners in the diet, we will advise you in another part of our series of 30 days of weight loss with LucentPerfection.com.

Artificial Sweeteners are Sweeteners which are used as substitutes for sucrose, beet sugar. The advantage of artificial sweeteners is that they allow food to be sweetened without increasing their energy value. But it ends. Excessive use of sweeteners is definitely not appropriate.

Opponents of artificial sweeteners claim they cause digestive and mental problems, even if experts say that no studies have shown. So what to choose from?

As they say, everything at a rate and in artificial sweeteners it definitely holds twice. So try to avoid them when choosing food. Do not think how to sweeten your life with food and fool your body. She is clever, and you will not take it so easily. The best way to reconcile healthier things is to reconcile less or not at all.

The idea of a healthy diet is that the food is in the least edited form and that is definitely the way you build the diet. So if you’re chasing you, prefer a piece of fresh fruit. And if you need to add endorphins due to a bad mood, try to practice.

Dining menu on the 17th day

The sample menu that we bring you daily is only indicative. Everyone has different needs and therefore can not satisfy everyone, but he can help you.

This is designed for a 70-kilogram woman who has a sedentary job and a five-meal diet a day. Men should be about a third more in all portions.

In the recommended meal menu, you will find five different meals each day so you can combine them according to your taste, but also your possibilities and time. If you do not mind eating the same food several times in a row, you can customize the menu.

The energy value will always be around 6,000 kJ (remember that the oil value is also calculated in the pellet). The nutritional composition is rich in fats (40-50 g/day) and protein (90-105 g/day). Dining menu has a reduced carbohydrate content (100-130 g/day).

Download the shopping list for this week Remember that the last meal should be 2.5 to 3 hours before bedtime. If you do not sleep until later, do not be afraid to eat in the evening. This last meal should be made up of vegetables and less protein – such as a vegetable salad with a piece of cheese. Fruit and vegetables can be varied in the menu according to the seasonal menu.

Today, nutritional specialist added tuna, which is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, has been included in this menu. If you consume it from a can, always read the label, because “tuna” does not mean anything. The so-called true tuna is from the genus Thunnus, and on the contrary, the false is the birth of Sarda and Euthynnus.

Recommended meal for today

Breakfast – eggs with avocado
From the egg, we make the eyewashes (2 pieces) and lightly sprinkle curry with spices. Avocado (½ pieces) cut into moons, cut the cucumber into fries (unlimited quantity). Add a handful of a field and serve.
Snack – fruit cocktail
We place the favorite fruit (150 g, frozen) in a blender with white yogurt (1 cup, with a fat content of up to 3.5%) and mix. Smoothie can be flavored with honey and cinnamon.
Lunch – paneled plate.
Tuna (1 tin), lettuce leaves (to taste), germinated seeds (1 tablespoon, for example, mungo), corn (1 tablespoon), 1 scoop cooked quinoa mixed with cooked rice (100g). All the ingredients are mixed in a bowl and served.
Snack – vegetables with ham
Cut pieces of favorite vegetables (unlimited quantity) into cubes, add chopped poultry ham (4 slices) and mix with vegetables.
Dinner – Ceasar salad with chicken pieces
We wash the Roman salad and cut it. Add chopped chicken pieces to the cubes and mix. We can sprinkle with cheese and add egg dressing or just lightly squeeze with olive oil. No need to add bread.

Exercises on Day 17

Run it. The run does not have to be long, just a short wheel in the nearest park, with 10 bench squats, each with a bench, a lamp, a tree (depending on what you choose), and end the final pair of feet with a sprint.

And because it is very often forgotten about stretching, we have just chosen two exercises to help you.

1st exercise – elongation of the abdominal muscles

Lie down on the stomach, palm resting on the floor at the level of the chest (between the waist and the shoulders, the closer to the waist, the harder the exercise), the elbows are directed backward, and lift up with the exhale into the fallen hands. Push the pan as much as possible to the ground. Hold the position for a while and then lay back on the stomach.30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 17Customize the recommended number of reps according to how pleasant we are.

2nd exercise – stretching of the spine, relaxation of trapezius muscles and cervical spine

Lay on your back, put your hands along the body, your legs are stretched out. With exhale, begin to raise your legs and put them behind your head. You can link hands under the body. If you manage, you can lay your knees next to your ears or behind your head. Remain in this position for a while, do not hold our breath. Then slowly go back. Think your legs very slowly. The spine is stretched and you can get hurt in the rapid “kick” of the legs.

30 Days Lose Weight Marathon Day 17

Customize the recommended number of reps according to how pleasant we are