Cat and dog can create an idyllic couple. It is up to you whether this will happen

How to make kitten and dog friends
How to make kitten and dog friends

Do you have a dog at home and would like to buy a kitten or vice versa, but are you afraid of getting along? If you observe a few basic rules, the cohabitation of a dog and cat under one roof can be perfectly harmonious.

Getting a kitten and a puppy at once is ideal, they socialize together and get used to themselves early. By adhering to certain rules, however, the arrival of a young animal to an adult animal can be managed. | Photo: Profimedia.czDogs and cats can be lifelong loyal friends, but it is important to socialize them as far as possible from birth. It is best to get a kitten and a puppy at once, faster and easier to get used to. When you have an adult animal and want to buy a baby, the best option is an adult dog and a kitten. An adult cat may have trouble accepting a small puppy.

You brought home a kitten or a puppy. And what else?

  • Be careful first days. At first, watch the animals carefully so that they do not jump over and run away. If a puppy wants to chase a cat, it must be reprimanded. Dogs after a while begin to respect the cat in the pack as superior and let it be.
  • It can happen that the cat after the dog goes out with packs, so it is appropriate to cut her claws at first. Treat yourself to the common moments, but take care of everyone else. If you care for one animal, please immediately and the other.
  • It is important that a new puppy or kitten has their own place. The kitten also needs a small space where he can hide when he feels threatened.
  • Put the cat toilet in a place where the dog does not get it, because it may happen that she wants to taste the cat food.
  • Do not keep animals together and play, sooner or later they find their way to themselves. Try to put a blanket in each pan, which after a few days you change, the animals get used to their smell.
  • As far as feeding is concerned, dogs and cats must have their own dish for both food and water because both animals are territorially guarding their diet. It is certainly not appropriate to feed the same food. Cat food is richer in protein and fats, so a dog who needs less can poach the cat after weighing. In addition, both animals should eat separately.
  • While the dog is not recommended for educational reasons to leave a bowl of food too long filled, cats may leave food overnight; Ideal is 2 to 3 servings a day at regular intervals.