Disease and exercises: Sometimes sport will help you in faster healing

How exercises can help you to get better
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An unwritten rule is that if we are sick, we should stay in bed. But when the sport is part of our lives, we do not want to give it up because of the rhyme. In addition, it is proven that exercise can help us in faster healing.

The sickness does not avoid any of us, especially in cold weather being sneezing, sore throat and spitting on a daily order. So, not only do we not wake up in the morning for our yoga class, but we should not even have it. Or yes?

First of all, it is necessary to realize that disease is not as a disease and exercise as an exercise. Any sport where you are breathing, sweating and feeling a certain amount of discomfort in the body, awakens a stress response. Have you ever wondered why you are so ill when you start practicing? The answer is just in the previous sentence. We are mostly stressed out of our classy day and when we add exercise, it is just another form of stress. If you are not used to it, you become ill, your immune system can not do that.

The Golden Highway

From all this, it may seem that we should avoid arc training in case of illness. But that may not be so true. The secret is hidden to the right degree. It’s like everything. If you have a glass of wine a day, you will benefit your health. If you drink three, it will not be so famous.

There are certain types of movement that can help in healing. These are walking, slow running, cycling, fine yoga or tai chi. None of these activities (unless you can survive) is intense enough to create a stress response in the body and, on the contrary, to strengthen the immune system. He can then get sick with the disease faster.

Listen to yourself

Of course, if you “die” in the morning and have a high fever, stay in bed. However, if you feel that you have the energy to exercise, there is no reason to deny it. Like listening to everything, listen to your body. If your head hurts at the beginning of the exercise, you feel malign, stop immediately and prefer a bed.

Avoid intense exercises such as lifting heavy weights, sprints, and the like. In the case of illness, it is not the best time to break the records. Do not try to exercise and leave the ego behind the gym. Of course, what is a heavy burden for someone is just a light exercise for another, so once again, listen to yourself.

Even in the case of exercise, the Golden Midway Rule applies. Research shows that people who practice less than once a week or more than four times a week (and are not trained) are more likely to be ill than those who practice once to three times a week. In short, exercising too little or too much means lowering immune protection. To a reasonable extent, your immunity will strengthen your immunity. But let’s not forget that other factors play a role in this equation. As a result, we are talking about stress, whether physical or psychological. If you have exhaustive stress work, intensive training for you twice a week can be very much for you.