Lose weight with us, for a month you may have a minimum of 2 pounds less

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Do you feel that you need to lose a few pounds because you have gained over Christmas or just want to start living healthy? We have prepared for you a special 30-day weight loss program with Lucent Perfection, which will guarantee you not only a pleasant weight loss, but you will also learn to eat and move healthy.

In order to prepare for everything, we are bringing you the start up information and we start on Monday, January 22th. For thirty days, we will write to you daily the detailed menu, exercises, and advice you should handle.

If you keep everything up, you can lose a nice 2 pounds, but of course, it matters what your starting weight is. If you have a few kilos of overweight, count on losing a maximum of half a pound a week. With greater obesity, the kilos will decrease twice as fast.

But it will always depend on you – how you will follow these recommendations, but also on factors that you will not influence. The weight will drop worse for those who already have dozens of diets and re-gaining or some health restrictions.

Dining menu, exercise and important advice

Eating is the most important factor in weight loss and decides how successful you will be in shedding excess kilos to seventy percent. The rest is a movement without which it is not.

In each work, therefore, a nutrition specialist will suggest a one-day diet. The energy value will be around 6000 kilojoules, but the main thing is the composition of the diet: enough protein, high-quality fats, fewer carbohydrates, enough vitamins, and minerals.

Our tips for healthy food are taken as an inspiration. Do not eat if you do not like it. You can easily replace it with other light and tasty dishes.

In addition to diet tips, we’ll show you how to move. A fitness trainer will tell you what day to choose for your physical activity and how much energy you will give. In addition to walking, cycling or swimming, we will show you the exercises you will perform at home so that, in addition to getting rid of excess fat stores, you get the muscle you need.

And there will be no need for advice on weight loss and healthy lifestyle that we will discuss with experienced experts. Thanks to them, you will be better oriented and help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes that destroy your efforts.

And we’re starting this Monday. Stay with us!