NASA confirmed that lost and forgotten twelve years ago satellite really live

Lost satellite IMAGE

By chance, an amateur astronomer discovered him as he searched for another, secret satellite. Since 2007, IMAGE has been considered completely inoperative, and NASA has long since abandoned it. She now confirmed that the captured signals actually came from a forgotten device.

Amateur astronomer Scott Tilley has already written with his piece in NASA’s history. He captured the signal from the “dead” satellite on January 20. His observation was confirmed by other astronomers, and Tilley was in a discussion under his blog where he informed about the discovery, a former member of the IMAGE team, who subsequently informed people from NASA.

On Tuesday 30.01 in the afternoon, NASA issued an official statement confirming that the captured signals are actually from the IMAGE satellite. The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab report in Maryland confirmed the successful reception of satellite telemetry data with 166 (IMAGE ID).

NASA experts at the Goddard Space Flight Center were able to read basic machine system data and suggest that at least the main satellite control systems actually function.

Researchers will continue the signal analysis for at least the next one to two weeks. It will also gradually try to turn on the scientific equipment that the satellite has on board. They want to reveal the status of the device and what could have caused the fatal failure of the satellite in December 2005. Once they have been diagnosed as being fit, the decision is made on what to do with the satellite.

The IMAGE(Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration) was designed to study the Earth’s magnetosphere interactions with solar wind. It started on March 25 from the Vandenberg base. It runs on an elliptical polar run with an apogee height of 46,000 kilometers. In December 2005, she stopped responding to orders from the control center, and in 2007 NASA officially declared herself lost.