Travel tips 2018. Inspiration from people who hates to stay at home for a long

Where to Travel in 2018

Do you have enough Croatia, the Low Tatras and the hike to Snezka? We addressed experienced travelers who travel each year and ask about their biggest experiences of the past year. Check with us where they liked most and where you might be going in 2018.

Tom Kader, a low-budget traveler, and blogger

I do not plan to go any further, I go where it takes me to stop or cheap flights. But I will find something interesting everywhere. This year I have visited Marokko for the second time, which I loved, I was in France and met rainbow in the Dolomites.

Maspalomas on the island of Gran Canaria
Maspalomas on the island of Gran Canaria

But if I mention one place, it is around the town of Maspalomas on the island of Gran Canaria, which with its spell was indelibly embedded in my memory.

Part of the coastline is made up of sand dunes, which were brought here by the Sahara wind. You can catch up with travelers from all over the world and various communities (from hippie to backpackers or homosexuals) for whom this locality is literally paradise.

Petr Rhino, blogger, and traveler

This year, I did not have to go beyond the borders of Europe, but I would share three nice travel tips. I am fascinated by North German Hamburg. In addition to the world’s largest model railway, I have admired the endless construction of the Elbe Philharmonic for years, so when I finally opened it this January, I had to look inside.

From the outside, it reminds you of a giant glass wave, and everything inside is gracefully rounded: it starts with an arched entrance escalator through bulging windows to a “wavy” concert hall with fantastic acoustics. A tour of the backstage enjoyed even a five-year-old son – and not only thanks to the folding opera book he had prepared for small guests.

As a great fan of the railways, I appreciate where the alpine terrain stretched across the alley despite the Swiss. So, this year, I rode out the steepest railroad of the world on the two-thousandth rock Pilatus Bahnen Lucerne. I have been stay overnight and would like to repeat it. In the evening, when the last train and the cable car went down, they set out for the grazing near the top of the state-owned oyster. And describe the morning sunrise over the Alps? Sorry, no words are enough for that, you have to experience it.

Pilatus Bahnen Lucerne Switzerland
Pilatus gear has a pitch of up to 48%
Elbphilharmonie Laeiszhalle Hamburg
Elbphilharmonie Laeiszhalle Hamburg
And finally one slightly surprising railway paradise: Norway. Did you know that Bergen – Oslo is one of the most beautiful in the world? From sea to sea, meanwhile, the rugged mountain Hardangervidda. I went there with little children, enjoyed by the crawler wagon perhaps even more than me.

And this trip brought me a shocking cognition: despite all the legends of Barnevern, I bet that the Norwegians are not afraid to give the children a beating if it is not. When the daughter had started a hysterical cry on the train and it took about 15 minutes, the old Viking sitting across the aisle gave me an unmistakable gesture to tell her how to calm her fast.

Veronika Freiman, digital nomad

This year I visited Cambodia, Arizona, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Bali. I enjoyed everywhere because each place offers something specific.

Cambodia, for example, Temple Complex Angkor Wat, Arizona desert with high cactus saguaro, Sri Lanka turn into unbeatable surfing, Bali typical smiling and friendly residents and beautiful Philippines scuba diving.

Martin Jano, editor of popular travel website

This year I have visited the Beskids Mountains as I do every year, and I would recommend it to all the rogue and tourists who do not need luxury and comfort on vacation, but they simply have a simple accommodation in cottages, dormitories or campsites.

In the Beskids Mountains, the ideal conditions for the type of tourism that has virtually disappeared in our country are: you will go, you will sleep if you like, you will stay and you will go again. Just freedom and comfort! Walking along the mountains you can easily several hundred kilometers, so many Poles normally spend their holidays in this way.

Beskid Mountains Beskid Mountains Poland






In the Beskids Mountains, you will find peace and quiet without tourists.

The Polish Beskids Mountains form a beautiful cultural landscape inhabited by small peasants, you will find here many monuments of folk architecture and wooden churches, some of which are protected as UNESCO sites. And the deserted eastern part of the Polish Beskids is full of mysteriously displaced and extinct villages and half-forgotten war cemeteries. Everything is easy to talk about, there is no problem buying food, prices are similar to ours.

Iggy Branson, traveler and biker

This year I was seven times in Asia, most of it in China. Unfortunately, or awe, this time not on a motorbike, but on a job. But when I returned to my journey around the world, I was the least interested in Asia, although I expected it most. I enjoyed nature, Buddhism, smiling people, low prices and, after all, good food.

Of course, I really enjoyed the nature, the smile of local people and the food there. But I was disappointed with the mentality of the Asians. Africa has probably set a very high bar. I know what a carefree, eternally smiling and hospitable person looks like. And that’s not what I’ve been to in Asia.

Whether I’m talking about Korea, Japan or China, people are closing everywhere, avoiding eye contact, running away when you reach the street. They will never have fun with you. Leda when they are drunk. Well, in Southeast Asia, it’s a bit better in terms of smiles and hospitality, but it’s not Africa.

How local people in Asia usually travel
How about such kind of traveling in Asia?

Food is the first three days was fantastic. But only those three days. Chinese kitchen is probably the least healthy, slightly hot, slightly sweet, but incredibly colorful and sometimes disgustingly ugly. For example, chicken thorns, goose heads, pigeon bakes… Because I am most often in China, so their food tastes good maybe the first day. Then I order only fried rice and God, hold on, I look forward to the otherwise hated Big Mac.

As for technology, we think in our country it’s modern! We think we live modernly, but compared to Japan or Korea, now also China, we have been behind for twenty years. In Korea and Japan, for example, every toilet and station is equipped with an electronic towel that will wash and dry your butt and still play music.

But I will not tell bad things about Africa and other countries where there are not enough electronics, but people will still help each other, where you can see an honest smile on their faces, where tomorrow is solved and where people still love for pleasure.

When I summarize: I liked the most in Africa, for example in Sudan or Malawi, and Iran, beautiful Colombia or Armenia are also great. The worst country I have visited is Mauritania, the worst road was in Cameroon and the most beautiful women? Venezuelans, Czechs, Slovaks, Belarusians, Russians, Serbs and Slovenians.

David Liu, head of the foreign section

For me, this year was definitely an African year. I visited Tanzania, Congo, Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Niger, Botswana. Usually, these were returns to places where I was earlier. And I was also in Japan because I wanted to graduate with a ninja course.

The modern center of Kigali, capital of Rwanda The modern center of Kigali, capital of Rwanda






The modern center of Kigali, capital of Rwanda, has nothing to do with the massacre that took place 23 years ago.

I would not like to recommend something to anyone, because one who has a romantic soul, will excite the trip to Kozí Hrádek in the Czech Republic, and the one who does not, will not be taken even by Thailand. Let me just say that this year, Africa again got me the gorillas and the last real African wilderness, the Botswana Okavango. Or the largest Selous African Reserve in Tanzania, which is better than Serengeti because it is more real.

The world is amazing everywhere. I look forward to seeing myself and I can not wait, even if I only go to Krakow. It’s about whether you can experience traveling as a Christmas child. Then it does not matter where you are and how far it is.