Long stamina, great sound, great wireless. HyperX Cloud Flight pleased us

The HyperX Cloud Flight wireless headset
HyperX Cloud Flight. Headphones, microphone, USB dongle for wireless connection to PC and PS4

We have tried a great wireless headset HyperX Cloud Flight with excellent battery life and a seamless wireless connection. It does not have Bluetooth, so you can not connect it to your tablet.

The HyperX Cloud Flight wireless headset was released in January at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas. One of the most common features was the long battery life, with the manufacturer’s illuminated signs turned off at the sides of the speakerphone for thirty hours. And as it turned out during the test, the number would not be dramatically elevated, with occasional “lighting” turned on for about twenty hours of listening. True, most of the time we did not listen in any way dramatically loud, just as a backdrop at work.

The HyperX Cloud Flight is connected to the computer (or PS4, but this variant is not tested for the lack of PS4 consoles in the editors) by a USB dongle that connects to a 2.4 GHz frequency. However, it is not Bluetooth, which means that you will not connect the headphones wirelessly other than using this dongle. On the other hand, you do not have to pair up or solve the quality of the Bluetooth implementation on that computer (and its impact on audio quality).


HyperX Cloud Flight
USB dongle for wireless connection. He is reasonably small, so he should not interfere in the ports.
HyperX Cloud Flight
Large Volume Control. The logos on the shells are red backlit, but it can be turned off.

After inserting the dongle into the USB port, the system mixer (in our case, Windows 10) is selected as the audio output headset, so all the sounds are immediately redirected to the headphones – just like plugging in the classic headphone jack. Functional junction of the dongle with the headphones is indicated by a red diode when the headphones are turned off, it starts blinking (but is still set as the default audio device so the sound is not played either from the headphones or from the laptop speakers).

You control the volume with the headset, but it is not a conventional potentiometer. Turning, in fact, controls the system volume in the operating system, which we consider to be an ideal option.

The headphone jack in HyperX Cloud Flight also has a 3.5 mm jack, and you can connect it to any headset device with the included cable. The volume control in the headphones does not work, of course, there is a source device. However, we believe that the microphone does not work when the “wired” connection is connected, or the connector is only three-pin, so the headsets become headphones at that moment.

HyperX Cloud Flight

And that’s how we get to the microphone. It connects to the other 3.5mm Jack, the cable is hidden in a flexible knitted fabric that holds pretty well the shape you set. At the same time, you can easily unlock it and do not interfere when you just want to listen. The area on the left speaker logo is a large button for silencing the microphone – for example when you want to discreetly answer someone in the room during the game.

HyperX Cloud Flight – no features, decent comfort

You must count on the fact that the headphones do not have any special features – they do not simulate spatial reproduction, do not adopt the sound localization to head movements, they do not have vibrating earbuds for a firmer feeling of explosion and shooting … it’s just a headset. And we do not think it would be a mistake.

Very good is the comfort of wearing headphones, earphones (headphones are circumaural, earphones sit around the ears) and the head bridge sits very comfortably, and the weight is 282 grams. For my broad head, I might appreciate the small force of pressure, and after a few hours of listening, I like to postpone them – not because of the fatigue of the hearing but the slightly dull head.

How do they play?

Basses are highlighted, but not in the direction of volume and thunder, but rather in depth – it reminds you a little bit like attaching a subwoofer to the speakers. It is a good compromise between strength and strength when playing games and naturalness while listening to music. For example, in Rudiger by Mark Knopfler basses are pleasantly sounding music, but they do not mix up vocals or guitars. And although this is not an expressly faithful reproduction, it is pleasant, fun and attractive.

HyperX Cloud Flight

The reproduction is attractive, with a wireless connection it might have a slightly higher height, otherwise, it sounds very good. Even at high volume, the sound is not aggressive or unpleasant. The rating is valid even when connecting with a cable, the differences are more like the nature of the connected sound source, generally, they are a bit more pronounced height.

The advantage of wireless connectivity is certainly the freedom of movement, with headphones we could walk anywhere in a two-room apartment without a single snap. The downside is a slight constant noise that you hear in silent passages or intervals between songs. You do not seem to notice it.

The microphone captures the voice clearly and clearly. In terms of the resulting sound, it is certainly not suitable for conceiving audiobooks, but it is quite sufficient for communication in the game.


A well-known headset where we appreciate excellent battery life, absolutely trouble-free wireless traffic, a good carrying comfort and a very decent sound that does not hurt even more demanding listeners. A restriction is definitely the absence of Bluetooth, so reduced wireless compatibility. Damage to mild noise during wireless operation and higher ear pressure. And because the microphone does not work with a wired connection, you can not talk to anyone on Xbox.

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